Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Antiquing

I love finding new and interesting things that one can shop for online. A lot of times it might be clothing, accessories, games, crafts, or a myriad of other items. Today, however, I found, a site that actually lets you browse through antiques and collectibles online!

This site is simply amazing. I spent nearly an hour browsing through some of their beautiful pieces of fine furniture. Their online store has literally hundreds of items, all with photos and specs, and has a quick and easy purchasing and shipping process. I personally found a lovely partners desk that I just couldn't resist. The shipping was actually quite affordable, even though such a large item would be shipped across the country.

I implore all my fellow shoppers to head over to their official website and check them out:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Support Your Health... Online!

We know that we can purchase nearly anything we want online anymore, so it shouldn't surprise me to see some interesting fringe products on sites, but somehow I still do get surprised.

Health Designs is an online seller of everything important to your health. From calcium supplements to vitamins, Health Designs' aim is to let their customers design their own health strategy. If you are constantly lacking in vitamin b2, their is a regimen of vitamins and supplements that can put you on a path to better health.

Carrying such brands and products as Metagenics, Nutiva, and Thorne Research.

Stop by their official website and learn more about how these products may be able to strengthen your health, or to begin browsing and buying the products.

Order Bathroom Products Online

More and more people these days are regularly ordering necessities and home products online and having them shipped directly to their home. This is because websites can offer much better deals on products than a brick and mortar storefront, and shipping rates are at an all time low.

One of my favorite online stores is Glamour 4 U, specializing in skin care products, makeup, Bed Head Shampoo, spa products, Tigi haircare products, and more. But G4U doesn't just stop with health and beauty products, they also carry many different lingerie items and even shoes by Wild DNA.

To view a full list of the products and services they offer, visit their official website at: