Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Computers May Already Need Replacement Parts

Christmas is once again coming quickly, and many off us may be lucky enough to receive a new laptop of desktop computer. While it is always nice to receive a brand new computer, one thing to remember is that even though that computer is brand new, it may be filled with factory parts that are sub-par, to say the least.

Manufacturers are notorious for filling brand new computers (laptops especially) with cheap factory parts. This is done in order to get the retail price of the computer to its lowest possible point to appeal to buyers. While this will save you money initially, the fact is that those parts are going to burn out sooner or later, and the cheaper the part, the sooner it will fail. So don't be fooled, that brand new laptop may need laptop repair within only a few months.

This happened to me the last time I bought a laptop. Within the first two months, the hard drive burned out and needed replacement. It was still under warranty, so it did not cost me any additional money out-of-pocket, however they replaced the part with the exact same cheap factory part. That second part only made it a month longer than the first one. As the laptop got older -- and closer to the expiration of its warranty, parts kept failing and needing to be replaced. Still, the cheap factory parts were being used as replacements.

One option to get out of this vicious cycle of replacement parts is to do a simple upgrade of your parts. Parts People, a company which has been replacing Dell laptop parts for over 10 years, suggests a simple upgrade. A better quality part will hold a much longer life than the factory parts, and -- though it may not be covered in the initial warranty -- will save you money in the long run.

Part People have been called the Dell Laptop Experts for a reason: Dell laptops have a tendency to be stocked with the cheapest of factory parts, parts that burn out all of the time, so they have had more than enough practice with replacing laptop parts for Dell models.

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