Monday, December 3, 2012

Wrought-Iron Masterpieces

Wrought-iron works are becoming a lost art. When it comes to bending iron into interesting shapes and figures, there are very few masters these days that still practice this ancient craft. However, the few that still twist iron are making masterpieces that amaze anyone who beholds them.

The wrought iron technique has been practiced for hundreds of years, and -- as an art-form -- has evolved from the basic curves and bindings, to elegant twists and welds. The works of beauty created from wrought iron supersede any other platform, as the iron works serve a purpose as well as being a piece of art.

San Miguel Ironworks, based out of Dallas, TX, is keeping this art-form relevant with its works of art. Screen doors, iron doors, railings, lanterns, and other such adornments are bent into their artistic shapes by the master craftsmen at the helm of San Miguel's factory. Though they create numerous designs to fill their illustrious showroom, San Miguel also creates custom pieces, made to their clients' specifications.

If you would like to view some of San Miguel's designed pieces, or would like to inquire about custom wrought-iron designs, visit:

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